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Sulphur & Burnt Metal


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Recorded at Cadence Music, Inc.  Produced by Rich Kurtz  

Kelly would like to thank:  First and foremost, Thank you Iggy!  For your love, patience and very enthusiastic support!  You amaze me every single day, and I have become the best musician I have ever been since we became partners in music & life!  I love you Babe!  To my son, Shane, Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with us, and not thinking it's square to play with us old folks!  I am so very proud of you, and I love you, ALWAYS.  

Shane would like to thank:  Thank you Mom!  I have wanted to be in a band with you since I was little!  Thank you Iggy for making it happen!

Iggy would like to thank:  Mozart. Amanda. Ariella. Kelly and Shane. Most of and all it's wonders! This album is a testament to good people, food and great times playing music together. The best is yet to come. Until then.........LICK IT!

Shout out to Rich Kurtz, John Shields, Harpo Meehan, Scott Cronick & Matt Unversaw...Each of you have contributed to our first year of development in your own ways, Thank You all!  


Here & Now-Sulphur & Burnt Metal